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Patrick Wenning, PT

Patrick Wenning, PT

Patrick Wenning, PT joined Restore Motion in the DC Metro area in 2016 after owing his own private practice in Manhattan for over 10 years. He has certification as an Integrated Manual Therapist and in Manual Trigger Point Dry Needling and works on training in alternative modalities as diverse as craniosacral, pilates, and visceral mobilization. Patrick earned his Master of PT from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas.

Recent Posts:

Being a Male Physical Therapist in Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

Why would a male Physical Therapist (PT) write for Section on Women’s Health? Good question. A better question is where else could I write about this pelvic floor perspective. We know how important pelvic floor PT is and what amazing benefits it has for women and we are trying to get more people to understand this. So why would a guy want to work in that area? Because we also know that men benefit from pelvic floor PT. First off, I came to pelvic floor therapy from a different angle. After having some minor pelvic floor trouble myself, I realized that there were not too many males to go to for treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction. My background was orthopedics with a manual therapy focus on spine, pelvis, and foot/ankle. I realized that pelvic floor was the natural next step that I needed and had been missing in my practice. I knew how distressing and personal and embarrassing it could be to address these issues. And, since I knew that it was hard enough to get men to see a medical professional in the first place, I wanted to give men the option to not have to discuss “guy stuff” with a female.

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