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Meet Briana Dillon, SPT

My initial interest in women's health was sparked by a conversation with a professor
during my 1st year of DPT school. I was subsequently surprised and pleased to discover the APTA specialty Section on Women's Health. Researching the field
provided insight into issues of pelvic floor pain and lymphedema and networking
with clinicians in the field provided me with concrete examples of how physical
therapy can positively impact the quality of life in this under-served population.

One of my professional goals as a future Physical Therapist is to become an expert
in women's health issues and effectively provide the quality care deserved to this
under-served population. As a former collegiate athlete, I am cognizant of the
effects playing sports can have on pelvic floor function. I believe this will uniquely
qualify me to address women's health issues in collegiate athletes and others who
perform at high levels. I aspire to open a private practice where I will be able
to address the uncomfortable concerns that women and men face in regards to
pelvic health.

As a second-year student, I am in the process of locating a clinic for my third-year clinical rotation in Denver or Colorado Springs, Colorado to practice the skills I will acquire from attending the Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Level 1 course in Union, New Jersey this December 2018 as the Section on Women's Health Course Scholarship recipient.

Meet Briana Dillon, SPT
Meet Briana Dillon, SPT
Briana is a Student Physical Therapist at Langston University (Class of 2020) in Langston, Oklahoma. Briana has recently joined the Student Special Interest Group at Section on Women's Health and is interested in expanding her role further by volunteering at the Section.

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Meet the PPSIG Board! (Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy Special Interest Group)

The Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy Group (PPSIG) is a SoWH community of professionals having a common interest in the evaluation, treatment, and wellness of pregnant and postpartum women. The PPSIG will provide a space where this community may meet, confer, and promote these interests through education, clinical practice, and research. 

JWHPT has a New Digital Media Coordinator

I am so pleased to announce that the Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy has a new Digital Media Coordinator.  Margaret “Rita” Gillian, PT, DPT earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at MGH Institute of Health Professions in her hometown of Boston. Rita, who is currently living in Groningen, Netherlands has worked orthopedics at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. Recognizing that few women’s health practices available for those who relied on insurance covered, she created a women’s pelvic health service to meet the needs of the community.

Getting Past Your Leaking Excuses

The excuses we give for not treating our incontinence and tips for overcoming them. For many of us, leaking (aka peeing our pants unintentionally) when we sneeze, cough, giggle, jump, or exercise (pretty much just enjoying and living our lives) has become an acceptable norm. It’s part of being a woman and a mother, right? When lucky enough to feel the possibility of a leak, we take the preemptive step of crossing our legs, but at less fortunate moments, we quietly hope the leaking aftermath can be managed with the absorption power of a bundle of stiff toilet paper from the nearest public bathroom.