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Issue No. 36 | July 18, 2018


It's already been 1 year!

How quickly time flies when you are having fun! Last week I had the honor to celebrate one year serving as the Executive Director for SoWH. We'll wait until CSM to conduct the year in the review. In the interim, I want to thank the best association team this part of the world who are Aika Barzhaxynova (Director of Marketing & Business Development), Shanee Hunter (Manager of Technology & Education), Teresa Chou (Graduate Intern) and the newest member of our team, Kalkidan Gizaw (Graduate Intern). You may have noticed that my correspodence has evolved to refer to our "staff" as the "SoWH HQ Team" or "HQ Team".

The "Team" viewpoint is critical because it shows that we have equal value in our idea, management, and energy investments into SOWH. The key traits of a great leadership as defined by Google's leadership research is how well you empower, coach/evaluate, communicate, collaborate, and provide a clear and decisive vision. Notice how most of those characteristics require working "with" your team rather than "directing" your team.

This year has been a year of evolution. A great metaphor is a HGTV major home remodeling show. This is a MAJOR remodel, and a very enjoyable one. The best investments and priorities have to be the least sexy parts of the final product (foundation, plumbing/septic tanks, electrial wiring, gas lines, HVAC, etc.). The best way to describe this past year is that we have been investing our time and energy on the foundation, plumbing, wiring etc. of SoWH. It is intense and challenging work, and when you have completed it, it is not the part of the final product that is interesting or very noticable (for example, water should run when you turn on the faucet). Very soon we will be able to remodel the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the landscaping...that part will be much for fun as it will be much more visible for our volunteers, members, customers and partners.

We do not work alone. This evolution/renovation would not be possible without the most amazing Board of Directors!! Thank the (now) 11 of you (soon to be 12), led by our very astute, authentic and engaging President, Carrie Pagliano. I have genuinely enjoyed working with each of you, and most importantly learning from you.

Our volunteer leaders are also critical to our success. The phenomenal work you all do is why we have an organization to grow and evolve! I am in awe of you, and look forward to reaching the stage where we get to build the fun parts of this association/home renvoation.

In gratitude and with great expectations!



Special Election for President Elect
Nominations Period: July 23 – August 10, 2018. Starting July 23, you can nominate your colleague(s)!

Aug 18-19, 2018
PH Level 2 Bowel Dysfunction
Fayetteville, AR
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Aug 24-26, 2018
OB Advanced
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PH Level 1
St. Louis, MO
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Until Sept 1, 2018
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Sept. 14-16, 2018
PH Level 1
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writingWe will be launching a brand new blog platform this summer! This new platform will offer more multi-media practitioner and patient-friendly content that you can share with your colleagues, friends and families! You will be be able to search posts more easily by category and by using a blog-dedicated search function. Do you want to join our new blog launch? We are seeking content writers for topics such as member stories, patient education, general public awareness, career/interview tips, federal affairs, finance tips, private practice tips, student-related topics and more! For information, please send an email to Aika Barzhaxynova at


Stay tuned for updates and announcements regarding upcoming President-Election & SSIG Elections via our dedicated SoWH Elections Webpage.

Special Election for President Elect
Nominations Period: July 23 – August 10, 2018
Elections Period: August 22 – September 14, 2018
With the special elections coming up fast, here's the new description for the President-Elect position. View Description

Special Interest Group (SIG) Elections (12 Executive Committee Positions!)
Nominations Period: September 1-September 20, 2018
Elections Period: October 1 -October 31, 2018


NingDing (2)Ning Ding, DPT, has recently graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, MO this May 2018. Ding did not realize her interest in women's health (WH) until she joined the focus study group for women's health during her last semester of school. Ding is the recipient of the Section on Women’s Health sponsored course scholarship which will cover her registration fee for the Fundamental Topics of Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy course in Detroit, MI July 27-29, 2018.

Ding is Chinese and moved to the United States in 2008. She is an acupuncturist with more than 10 years' experience. Most of her patients are female and encompass a wide range of ages. Before she began to study physical therapy at Washington University in St. Louis, she had never heard of pelvic health physical therapy. She thought incontinence was a sign of aging and there was no specialized treatment treatment for it.

In her last semester, Ding joined a women’s health focus study group which included three lectures, three journal clubs, one anatomy lab for the pelvic region and a shadowing experience in the clinic where she was able to observe a pelvic floor examination.

As Ding learned more about the profession and this specialty, she realized the high demands for pelvic floor therapists within her community and beyond. She talked to her previous patients who were from Asia and learned that none of them have heard of Pelvic Health Physical Therapists. Ding now has an educational background in both Chinese Medicine and Physical therapy. She can speak English and multiple Chinese dialects fluently which helps her with her diverse patients. Ding believes that she can combine Chinese Medicine and women’s health physical therapy in her future practice and promote the awareness of women’s health physical therapy in Asian communities. 


Interel USA (the association management company for SoWH) is moving from the Tysons Corner, VA location to Washington, DC. The transition is scheduled to occur during the month of September 2018, and the new office location is set to be fully operational on Monday, October 1, 2018.

As you can imagine there are several updates that we will be reporting on soon. In the interim, we want to make sure that our SoWH COMMUNITY is aware of this upcoming change, and we will continue to share updates as we receive them in this newsletter section.


Announcement!! On Sunday, July 1st, the Section on Women's Health released a name change proposal announcement. The link to the video announcement and name change rationale is listed below.

The Section on Women’s Health, APTA, Inc. is seeking a name change to the Academy of (see video for full announcement). Watch the video here: here.


1) Governance Committee Seeking 2 PT Members and 1 PTA Member

The SOWH Governance Committee is seeking 2 PT members and 1 PTA member to serve on the committee. The role of the SOWH governance committee is to assist the Board with governance issues, including maintaining best practices in governance, addressing ethical and conflict of interest issues, and coordinating self-evaluations of the Board, its committees, and senior management. The committee meets in person once annually and otherwise conducts its business electronically. This is a great opportunity to get involved with your Section!

2) Do You Have a Complex Case You Want to Share?

Back by popular demand for the Combined Sections Meeting 2019 in Washington, D.C., the Section on Women’s Health will be hosting “ComplexCases,” and we need your help.

We are looking for six cases that show your clinical reasoning through a complex case related to women’s and men’s health. If you have or had a patient who had an interesting diagnosis or outcome, for whom you needed to use evidence-based intervention, whose case you think other therapists could learn from, please provide a one- to two-page summary of the case history, intervention, and outcome (including two to three up-to-date references) to Valerie Bobb at by midnight EST July 20, 2018.  You must be able to attend the Combined Sections Meeting in Washington, D.C., January 23-26, 2019 , and present your case during the session.



ICS 2018 |August 28-31, 2018 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Register now to join ICS 2018 in Philadelphia! Save $200 on registration if you register before the early bird deadline of June 12. The ICS annual meeting brings together the most renowned international experts in the research and the treatment of pelvic organs and pelvic floor dysfunctions, with particular regard to incontinence. We expect to present a scientific programme that will attract a multi-disciplinary group of professionals including urologists, gynaecologists, neurologists, nurses, physical therapists, basic scientists and physiologists. Learn more.

SoWH will have a Booth in the Exhibit Hall. We hope to see you there!






How many SoWH elections will be held this late summer and fall in 2018?

A) 2 Elections (special election for President-Elect & a SIG Fall election)
B) 4 Elections (special election for President-Elect & the Student SIG, Early Professional SIG, and Pregnancy & PostPartum SIG each have their own elections)

Answer = A. 2 Elections (special election for President-Elect & a SIG Fall election)

Note: The dates for the Special Election and the Fall SIG Elections is available here:

If you are interested in getting more engaged, please complete the SoWH Member Care & Share form here