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Early-Career Advice from Pelvic Health Physical Therapist, Nicole Cozean, PT, DPT, WCS, CSCS

How did you decide to pursue pelvic health physical therapy? What is your background? I hadn’t actually planned to specialize in pelvic health in physical therapy (PT) school or the first years after graduation.  My first interest in the area came in PT school when I was assigned the pelvis and pelvic floor for an anatomy project.  I was fascinated by the complexity of the region (and still believe a strong understanding of the underlying anatomy is crucial for a pelvic physical therapist).  About 15 years ago, Hoag Hospital asked me to create a pelvic health program. They allowed me to pursue a fellowship program with an experienced local therapist, and I was able to take amazing continuing education courses from some of the leaders in the field at that time.  

“Just Relax?” Meeting with Trauma in the Physical Therapy Setting

In his seminal book “The Body Keeps the Score,” trauma expert Dr. Bessel van der Kolk states “the ability to feel relaxed in one’s body requires the emotional experience of safety.”  

What Do I Need for Starting My Pelvic Health Practice? Part 2: Supplies and Equipment

In part 1 of this “What Do I Need” series, I talked about wants and needs for the space in which you might be managing patients and clients with pelvic health conditions.  Here in part 2, I consider the supplies and equipment.

What Do I Need for Starting My Pelvic Health Practice? PART 1: My Space

As a former Lone Ranger pelvic health PT, I know what it is to try to get a women’s health practice off the ground in an outpatient clinic.  As the Director of Education for the SoWH, I have received several emails through the years with the question “what do I need for my new pelvic practice?”  While there is no absolute right or wrong in determining the needs and wants of a new pelvic practice, the considerations from an experienced pelvic PT can be helpful.

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